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The Educational Outreach Division of the Library of Congress is seeking applications from current K-12 teachers or library/media specialists for a Teacher-in-Residence position during the 2013-14 school year.

Since 2000, the Library of Congress has recruited teachers to work with Educational Outreach staff to promote the effective use of the Library’s primary sources in the classroom. Previous Teachers-in-Residence have led professional development workshops, developed teaching materials and led and supported projects to reach and support a diverse audience of educators nationwide.

The successful Teacher-in-Residence candidate will have:

  • knowledge about the Library’s digitized primary sources with experience using them in instruction
  • leadership experience, especially in designing and delivering professional development
  • an innovative and collaborative work style, able to work on a team in an office environment
  • excellent communication skills
  • the ability to live and work in the Washington, DC metro area for the duration of the school year

The selected teacher will participate in this program via an intergovernmental personnel agreement between the Library and his or her home school district. The Library will reimburse the district for salary and benefits paid to the teacher during the school year, and will release the Teacher-in-Residence for all district holidays and vacations.

NOTE: At this time, there is no stipend or reimbursement for travel or housing expenses incurred as a part of the position. Also, the awarding of position is subject to availability of funds.

In addition to assisting Educational Outreach staff, the Teacher-in-Residence will undertake a project to benefit his or her home school or district to be implemented during the following academic year. This project could be a workshop on teaching with primary sources for fellow teachers, a unit using Library of Congress primary sources, or some other product or activity. As part of the application process, teachers should propose projects that were designed in collaboration with teacher colleagues and have the support of appropriate school and or district administrators.

Applications will be evaluated based on the teacher’s experience using primary sources, familiarity with the Library of Congress, and ability to contribute to the work and mission of Educational Outreach and the field nationwide as evidenced by his or her experience, essays, and recommendation letters.


  • Applications must be received by Tuesday, April 9th
  • Finalists may be required to complete a telephone interview
  • Selection decision will be made by Wednesday, May 1st
  • The residency period dates match those of the home district’s school year

Sending an Application:

Security measures cause a delay in the delivery of regular mail. Applications should be sent to the Library by email to:, or by Federal Express, to:
Meg Steele
Library of Congress
Office of Strategic Initiatives
Educational Outreach
101 Independence Ave., S.E. stop 1300
Washington, D.C. 20540-1300

Application Requirements:

  • Completed application form (PDF, 204 KB)
  • Answers to three essay questions (see form for questions)
  • Project plan description (no more than two pages)
  • Two letters of recommendation/support:
    • One from a collaborating teacher
    • One from an administrator who will supervise your proposed project
  • A letter from an individual authorized to approve intergovernmental personnel agreements
  • At least one illustrative example of teacher or student produced work
  • Current resume or curriculum vitae

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