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Published Bibliographies

These contain listings on specified topics and are themselves produced in alternative formats of large print, braille and audio. The links will take you to a Web page for Gentle Romances (2015), Mysteries for Younger Readers (2012), and Westerns (2011), and plain text files for all other topics and years. PDFs, if available, are provided for print purposes only.

Gentle Romances (2015)

Gentle Romances (2015) [PDF: 804.22 KB / 89 p.]

Westerns (2011)

Classics (1994)
Classics Contents
Ancient Greece and Rome
Middle Ages
Renaissance through 1699
1700 to 1900

Mysteries for Younger Readers (2012)

Pioneer and Frontier Stories (1995)
Pioneer and Frontier Stories Contents
Science Fiction and Fantasy (1994)
Science Fiction and Fantasy Contents
Prolific Authors
Series by Multiple Authors
Other Authors
Limited Distribution Braille Books (BRA) 1991-1992
Catalog of Limited Distribution Braille Books (BRA) 1991-1992