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Image of Resident Scholars

Current Scholars in Residence

Tim Cooper
British Research Council Fellow, 2013, University of Edinburgh, "Race and Anglo-American Relations: The Role of Racial Attitudes in Interaction Between Britain and the US over East Asia, 1895-1914."

Steven Dick
NASA/LC Chair in Astrobiology, 2013, Independent Scholar, "Societal Impact of the Discovery of Life in the Universe: Critical Issues, Optimal Approaches, and the Role of History."
Book: "America in Space: NASA's First Fifty Years"
Book: "Life on Other Worlds: The 20th-century Extraterrestrial Life Debate"
Book: "Plurality of Worlds: The Origins of the Extraterrestrial Life Debate from Democritus to Kant"
Webcast: "Searching for Life in the Universe: What Does it Mean for Humanity?" (Jan. 28, 2014)
Book: "The Biological Universe: The Twentieth-century Extraterrestrial Life Debate and the Limits of Science"
Book: "The Living Universe: NASA and the Development of Astrobiology"
Article: Astrobiology Chair Steven Dick Testifies Before House Science Committee
Web site: Baruch S. Blumberg NASA/Library of Congress Chair in Astrobiology chairholders
Webcast: House Science Committee Hearing on Astrobiology (Expert Witness)
Web site: Scholar Profile: Steven Dick
Appointment: Steven Dick Named Chair in Astrobiology at Kluge Center
Other: Steven Dick, Chair in Astrobiology at John W. Kluge Center, Arrives Nov. 1
Panel Discussion: Symposium: "The Longevity of Human Civilization: Will We Survive Our World-Changing Technologies?" (Sept. 12, 2013)

Douglas Harrison
Kluge Fellow, 2013, James Madison University, "The Gospel Sensibility: Sacred Song in American Experience."

M. Scott Heerman
J. Franklin Jameson Fellow in American History, 2014, John Hopkins University, "Deep River: Slavery, Empire, and Emancipation in the Upper Mississippi River Valley."

Ivan Juritz
British Research Council Fellow, 2013, Queen Mary, University of London, "Translation and the General Theory of Seduction: A Theoretical Archaeology of the Freud Archive in the Library of Congress."

Stephan Kuhl
German Fellowship, 2013, Goethe-University, "Richard Wright and Fredric Wertham's Social Psychiatry."

Sonia Lee
Kluge Fellow, 2013, Washington University in St. Louis, "Diagnosing Difference: Psychiatrists and the Medicalization of Political Dissent, 1945-1980."
Web site: Washington University in Saint Louis Faculty Page

Emily MacGregor
British Research Council Fellow, 2013, University of Oxford, "The Symphony in 1933: Negotiating a 'Problem' Genre."

Kelly Maddox
British Research Council Fellow, 2013, Lancaster University, "Japanese Imperialism in the Context of Genocide."

Jane McAuliffe
Distinguished Visiting Scholar, 2013, Independent Scholar/past President of Bryn Mawr College, "The Qur'an as Scripture and Literature."
Book: "Abbasid Authority Affirmed" (translated and annotated)
Book: "Encyclopaedia of the Qur'an"
Book: "Qur'anic Christians: An Analysis of Classical and Modern Exegesis"
Book: "The Cambridge Companion to the Qur'an" (editor)
Book: "With Reverence for the Word: Medieval Scriptural Exegesis in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam" (editor)
Appointment: Former College President Appointed Distinguished Visiting Scholar

Hannah Proctor
British Research Council Fellow, 2013, Birkbeck College, "Lev Vygotsky: An Intellectual and Ideological Journey from the USSR to the USA."

Will Riddington
British Research Council Fellow, 2013, University of Cambridge, ""Us Versus Them": The Dichotomous Rhetoric of the New Right."

Charlotte Rogers
Kluge Fellow, 2013, George Mason University, "Off the Map? From First to Last in Amazonian Travel Narrative."
Book: "Jungle Fever: Exploring Madness and Medicine in Twentieth-century Tropical Narratives"
Web site: George Mason University Faculty Page
Web site: Scholar Profile: Charlotte Rogers

Natalie Rouland
Kluge Fellow, 2013, Wellesley College, "Dancing Enigma: Ida Rubinstein and the Russian Tradition."
Lecture: "Amazons in Paris: Ida Rubinstein and the Art of Travesty" (Apr. 17, 2014)

Dario Sarlo
Kluge Fellow, 2013, Independent Scholar, "Jascha Heifetz: The Iconic Violinist."
Lecture: "Jascha Heifetz the Iconic Violinist" (Apr. 16, 2014)
Book: "Jascha Heifetz: Early Years in Russia"

Tara Tappert
David B. Larson Fellow in Health and Spirituality, 2013, Independent Scholar, "Arts and Crafts-making as a Transformational Healing Process for War Trauma."

Amy Tobin
British Research Council Fellow, 2013, University of York, "Sites of Circulation and Collaboration: Expanded Feminist Art Practice Between 1970 and 1978."

Imaobong Umoren
British Research Council Fellow, 2013, University of Oxford, "The Souls of Black Women Intellectuals: Race, Gender, Class and Empire in the Age of Transnationalism 1928-1950."

James West
British Research Council Fellow, 2013, University of Manchester, "Intersections of Race and Class in Ebony Magazine, 1975-2000."

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