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“One of the wonderful things about working in the Kluge Center has been the incredible community of scholars that I’ve had to interact with.”

–David Grinspoon, 2012-2013 Baruch S. Blumberg NASA/Library of Congress Chair in Astrobiology

Current Scholars in Residence

Kaveh Abbasian

British Research Council Fellow, 2015, Roehampton University
Kluge Center Project: "The use of State-funded TV War Documentaries Towards the Creation of a New National Identity in Iran During the Iran-Iraq War."

Jane Barnes

Black Mountain Institute-Kluge Fellow, 2016, Independent Scholar
Kluge Center Project: "The Forgotten Trial of Reed Smoot and Sexual Freedom in Modern America."

Joanne Braxton

David B. Larson Fellow in Health and Spirituality, 2015, College of William and Mary
Kluge Center Project: "Religion, Spirituality and Health in the African American Experience."

Carmen Brosig

Bavarian Fellow, 2016, Friedrich-Alexander Universitat Erlangen-Nurmberg
Kluge Center Project: "Presence, Protest and Solidarity: Ethnic Minorities' Movements against the War in Vietnam."

Nathaniel Comfort

NASA/LC Chair in Astrobiology, 2015, Johns Hopkins University
Kluge Center Project: "The Origins of Life in the Genome Age"
Web site: "The Emergence of Life: On the Earth, in the Lab, and Elsewhere" (Sept. 15, 2016)
Panel Discussion: "The Origins of the RNA World" (Mar. 17, 2016)
Web site: Astrobiology at the Kluge Center
Press Release: Comfort Begins as Third Astrobiology Chair
Press Release: Comfort Named to Astrobiology Chair
Press Release: Four Pioneering Scientists to Discuss "The Origins of the RNA World," March 17

Toyin Falola

Kluge Chair in Countries and Cultures of the South, 2016, University of Texas at Austin
Kluge Center Project: "African Immigrant Communities in the United States."
Press Release: Toyin Falola Begins as Chair in Countries and Cultures of the South

Michael Gibbs Hill

ACLS Burkhardt Fellow, 2016, University of South Carolina
Kluge Center Project: "Sino-Arabic Enlightenments: At the Limits of Comparison."

Sheryl Kaskowitz

Kluge Fellow, 2015, Brown University
Kluge Center Project: "Sidney Robertson Cowell, Public Folk Music Collecting and American Identity."

Louisa Lee

British Research Council Fellow, 2015, University of York
Kluge Center Project: "Conceptual Art in Britain 1964-1979."

Joseph Malherek

J. Franklin Jameson Fellow in American History, 2016, Independent Scholar
Kluge Center Project: "From Bauhaus to Maxwell House: Emigres and the Making of American Consumer Culture, 1933-1976."

Samira Mehta

David B. Larson Fellow in Health and Spirituality, 2014, Fairfield University
Kluge Center Project: "God Bless the Pill? Contraception, Sexuality, and American Religion."

Neeti Nair

ACLS Burkhardt Fellow, 2016, University of Virginia
Kluge Center Project: "The Blasphemy Laws: A South Asian History."

Alan Noonan

Kluge Fellow, 2016, Independent Scholar
Kluge Center Project: "Unearthing Traditions: Poems, Songs and Stories of Mining Communities throughout the United States."

Guoxiang Peng

Kluge Chair in Countries and Cultures of the North, 2016, Zhejiang University
Kluge Center Project: "History and Philosophy of Confucianism."
Press Release: Peng Guoxiang Named Kluge Chair in Countries and Cultures of the North

Barry Posen

Henry Alfred Kissinger Chair in Foreign Policy and International Relations, 2016, Massachussetts Institute of Technology
Kluge Center Project: "Navigating a Multipolar World."
Press Release: Barry Posen Begins as Kissinger Chair

Frauke Sachse

Kislak Fellow in American Studies, 2016, University of Bonn
Kluge Center Project: "A Sixteenth-Century Missionary Handbook from Highland Guatemala: Preparing a Critical Edition of Ms. 1015 from the Jay I. Kislak Collection at the Library of Congress."

Kevin Schwartz

Kluge Fellow, 2016, United States Naval Academy
Kluge Center Project: "Demarcating Persianate Worlds: Tazkirah Production and Circulation in West, Central, and South Asia, 1800-1900."

Arun Sood

Fulbright Fellow, 2016, University of Glasgow
Kluge Center Project: "The Poet Robert Burns."

Chelsea Stieber

Kluge Fellow, 2016, The Catholic University of America
Kluge Center Project: "Writing before 'Haiti': Regionalism in the Creation of Modern Haitian Literature, 1890-1940."

Shaden Tageldin

ACLS Burkhardt Fellow, 2014, University of Minnesota
Kluge Center Project: "Toward a Transcontinental Theory of Modern Comparative Literature."

Anna von der Goltz

Kluge Fellow, 2015, Georgetown University
Kluge Center Project: "The Other side of 1968: Activism of the Center-right in West Germany's Age of Campus Protest."

Xin Wu

Kluge Fellow, 2016, The College of William & Mary
Kluge Center Project: "Gardens & Landscape as neo-Confucian Metaphors: Vision, Memory and Place-making in Song Academies."

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