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Image of Resident Scholars

Current Scholars in Residence

Sarah Chadfield
British Research Council Fellow, 2014, Royal Holloway, University of London, "Muriel Rukeyser and the 'real.'"

Elia Corazza
Kluge Fellow, 2014, Independent Scholar, "New Music for a New Dance: Diaghilev's Ballet and Music."

Surekha Davies
Kislak Fellow in American Studies, 2014, Western Connecticut State University, "Of Monsters and Men: Maps, Ethnography and the Americas in Renaissance Europe."

Steven Dick
NASA/LC Chair in Astrobiology, 2013, Independent Scholar, "Societal Impact of the Discovery of Life in the Universe: Critical Issues, Optimal Approaches, and the Role of History."
Book: "America in Space: NASA's First Fifty Years"
Webcast: "Discovering Life in the Universe" - American History TV (C-SPAN3)
Book: "Life on Other Worlds: The 20th-century Extraterrestrial Life Debate"
Book: "Plurality of Worlds: The Origins of the Extraterrestrial Life Debate from Democritus to Kant"
Webcast: "Searching for Life in the Universe: What Does it Mean for Humanity?" (Jan. 28, 2014)
Book: "The Biological Universe: The Twentieth-century Extraterrestrial Life Debate and the Limits of Science"
Book: "The Living Universe: NASA and the Development of Astrobiology"
Article: Astrobiology Chair Steven Dick Testifies Before House Science Committee
Web site: Baruch S. Blumberg NASA/Library of Congress Chair in Astrobiology chairholders
Webcast: House Science Committee Hearing on Astrobiology (Expert Witness)
Web site: Scholar Profile: Steven Dick
Appointment: Steven Dick Named Chair in Astrobiology at Kluge Center
Other: Steven Dick, Chair in Astrobiology at John W. Kluge Center, Arrives Nov. 1
Panel Discussion: Symposium: "The Longevity of Human Civilization: Will We Survive Our World-Changing Technologies?" (Sept. 12, 2013)

Thomas Dodman
Kluge Fellow, 2014, Boston College, "Nostalgia: The History of a Deadly Emotion."

Emma Doubt
British Research Council Fellow, 2014, University of Sussex, "Photographic Sovereignty in the Work of Jennie Ross Cobb and Francis Benjamin Johnston: A Comparative Case Study."

Joseph Genetin-Pilawa
Kluge Fellow, 2013, Illinois College, "The Indians' Capital City."
Book: "Crooked Paths to Allotment: The Fight Over Federal Indian Policy After the Civil War"
Webcast: "Native Americans in 19th Century Washington, D.C." - American History TV (C-SPAN3)

Nathan Hofer
Kluge Fellow, 2014, University of Missouri, "Sufism, State, and Society in Ayyubid and Early Mamluk Egypt."

Nicole Lidenberg
German Fellowship, 2014, Goethe University, "Passing and Split Habitus in Ellison's Three Days Before the Shooting."

James Loeffler
Kluge Fellow, 2013, University of Virginia, "The Vanishing Minority: Human Rights as Jewish Politics, 1919-1989."

Maria MacLennan
British Research Council Fellow, 2014, University of Dundee, "Finding Forensic Jewels: An In-Depth Review of Current and Historical Newspaper and Periodical(s) at the Library of Congress."

Kelly Maddox
British Research Council Fellow, 2013, Lancaster University, "Japanese Imperialism in the Context of Genocide."

Nara Milanich
ACLS Burkhardt Fellow, 2014, Barnard College, Columbia University, "The Birth of Uncertainty: A Global History of the Paternity Test."

Jeffrey Moser
Kluge Fellow, 2014, McGill University, "Excavating China's First Archaeologist."

Ben Phillips
British Research Council Fellow, 2014, University College London, "George Kennan and the Russian Revolution in Exile, 1885-1898."

Pier Pischedda
British Research Council Fellow, 2014, University of Leeds, "Anglophonic Influence in the Translation of Onomatopoeia in Italian Disney Comics."

Benjamin Reed
Kislak Fellow in American Studies, 2014, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, "Oration Devotion in Mexico City, 1657-1821."

Paul Scolieri
ACLS Burkhardt Fellow, 2014, Barnard College, "Ted Shawn and the Invention of American Dance."
Book: "Dancing the New World: Aztecs, Spaniards, and the Choreography of Conquest"

Kirstin Smith
British Research Council Fellow, 2014, Queen Mary, University of London, "How do Stunts Produce and Enact Value? Stunts as Performative and Discursive Practice in Late Nineteenth Century New York."

Antony Stewart
British Research Council Fellow, 2014, Newcastle University, "Tracking Foreign Intervention through Medicine and Social Science in Haiti, 1900-1950."

Tara Tappert
David B. Larson Fellow in Health and Spirituality, 2013, Independent Scholar, "Arts and Crafts-making as a Transformational Healing Process for War Trauma."

Ananya Vajpeyi
Kluge Fellow, 2012, Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, New Delhi, "B. R. Ambedkar: A Life."

Ruth Wasem
Kluge Staff Fellow, 2014, CRS, "Whom We Shall Welcome: The Legislative Drive to End the National Origins Quota."

Peter Zilahy
Black Mountain Institute-Kluge Fellow, 2014, Independent Scholar, "Mapping the Hero's Quest."
Book: "The Last Window-Giraffe: A Picture Dictionary for the Over Fives"

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