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The John W. Kluge Center brings together scholars and researchers from around the world to stimulate and energize one another, to distill wisdom from the Library's rich resources, and to interact with policymakers and the public.

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Astrobiology Symposium: “Preparing for Discovery”
September 18-19, 2014

Astrobiology Chair Steven Dick convened scientists, historians, philosophers and theologians for a two-day symposium to explore how humanity might prepare for the discovery of microbial, complex or intelligent life beyond Earth.

About the event
Astrobiology at the Kluge Center

"Real Realpolitik: A History"

John BewKissinger Chair John Bew used the Library of Congress collections and his residency at the Kluge Center to research and write the first English-language book on the history of realpolitik.

Lecture: John Bew on Realpolitik
Read the profile of John Bew in The Washington Diplomat

Marie Arana Awarded L.A. Times Book Prize

Marie AranaThe former Kluge scholar and member of the Library of Congress Scholars Council received the Los Angeles Times Book Prize for best biography of 2013 for “Bolivar: An American Liberator.” The book was extensively researched and written at the Kluge Center. Read more

Lecture: Marie Arana on Simón Bolívar
About the book | About Marie Arana

Scholar Spotlight: Joshua Caffery, Lomax Fellow

Renata KellerThe folklorist and musician researched the traditional Cajun music of Louisiana preserved in the Library of Congress collections.

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Opportunities for Scholars

The Kluge Center invites and welcomes top scholars from around the world to conduct residential research at the Library of Congress through 12 senior chair positions and numerous post-doctoral and doctoral fellowships. Learn more, apply

About The John W. Kluge Center

John W. KlugeThrough the vision and generosity of John W. Kluge, the Kluge Center welcomes top scholars in the humanities and social sciences from around the world to conduct research in the Library of Congress collections and engage in dialogue with policymakers and the public.

About the Kluge Center
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How the Discovery of Life Beyond Earth Will Transform Our Thinking
With Astrobiology Chair Steven Dick, October 30, 2014

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