[Great Hall. View from the second floor west corridor. Library of Congress Thomas Jefferson Building, Washington, D.C.], Carol Highsmith, photographer

JIG-L Report cover imageVirginia Kass, Copyright Security Manager, and Debra McKern, Program Director, Baseline Inventory Program were cochairs of the JIG-L group.

The Library of Congress Joint Issue Group on Labelling (JIG-L), comprised of members from the Library Services and U.S. Copyright Office service units, in July 2002 produced a report that included labelling recommendations for all collection formats and a draft procedure manual. The report remains of interest as an overview of best practices, particularly in the generation of labels from Library databases in place of keying, stamping, or handwriting, and in adherence to preservation labeling standards.

The Joint Issue Group on Labelling was formed to support work processes of the Library of Congress and to address technical issues of mutual interest that would further the Copyright Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) initiative to make its services more responsive to Congress, the Library, and the public.

Report Cover PDF [24K] MS Word [19K]
Table of Contents and Acronyms Used PDF [79K] MS Word [41K]
Introduction PDF [73K] MS Word [59K]
Purpose of Recommended Labels PDF [83K] MS Word [85K]
Marking, Stamping, and Labelling (MSL) Manual
Categories for the Placement of Labels PDF [54K] MS Word [23K]
Paper - Bound - Book PDF [488K] MS Word [5.63MB]
Paper - Unbound PDF [489K] MS Word [5.89MB]
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Disc - Magnetic (Floppy Disk) PDF [74K] MS Word [211K]
Disc - Vinyl PDF [146K] MS Word [918K]
Film (Microfilm, Microfiche, Slide, Motion Picture) PDF [280K] MS Word [2.46MB]
Magnetic Tape (Audio, Video) PDF [188K] MS Word [1.79MB]
Mixed Media PDF [117K] MS Word [525K]
Copyright Realia PDF [127K] MS Word [579K]
Units that Apply Labels PDF [52K] MS Word [57K]
Recommended Actions PDF [119K] MS Word [80K]
Appendices: A: Glossary of Terms; B: Formats Broken Down by Custodial Division;
C: JIG-L Team Membership; D: Relationship of Item and Piece by Format; E: IT Needs
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Appendix F1: Label Content Attributes PDF [57K] MS Word [86K]
Appendix F2: Label Data Sources PDF [143K] MS Word [81K]