Law Library Stacks

Commemorative Observances

Listed are the commentary and recommended resources for selected national observances and commemorative months.

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Digitized Material

This page discusses the digitized collections from the Law Library of Congress.

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Legal Topics

The Law Library of Congress produces reports for members of Congress and others.  The legal research reports provide commentary and recommended resources on issues and events.

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Guide to Law Online

Vast network of links to content-based Web sites of primary and secondary legal and legislative information services from 143 nations and all U.S. federal, state and territorial government entities.

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Guides to Our Collections

The Law Library of Congress contains the largest body of United States federal and state law, foreign law, comparative law, international law and legislation in the world. Guides can be accessed to help you navigate some of our collections.

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Legal Research Guides

Access quick guides to legal research techniques and tools compiled by research specialists from the Law Library of Congress.

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For help finding information on a specific legal topic, try these resources:

Last Updated: 10/20/2014