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How would renowned authors change society?


How will e-readers change the book as we know it?

Find out what your favorite authors think about life and the world around them. How would renowned authors change society? How do they think technology will change the book?

Festival Reflections

The 2010 National Book Festival attracted 150,000 festivalgoers and more than 70 best-selling authors. Organizers and book lovers share highlights of last year’s festival and reflect on the reasons why it has grown into the nation’s premiere literary event.
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Bookend Event: Let’s Travel the World Through Books

This program, sponsored by the Library of Congress National Book Festival and the D.C. Public Library, featured master storyteller Diane Macklin, music by the Elise Whitlow Stokes Community Freedom Public Charter School Student band, and special guest National Football League linebacker Chris Draft. The event was designed to promote the summer reading theme of “One World, Many Stories” and serve as an introduction to the Library's 2011 National Book Festival.
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Kickoff Event: The Joys of Reading Aloud

The Library of Congress and Reading Is Fundamental celebrated the importance of reading aloud at a kick-off event in the Young Readers Center. Children and their families listened to author Gloria Jean Pinkney read “Mirandy and Brother Wind,” illustrated by her husband Jerry Pinkney and written by Patricia McKissack.
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Festivalgoers Share Their Experiences

Attendance at the National Book Festival has grown from 30,000 festivalgoers in 2001 to more than 150,000 book fans in 2010. Hear their experiences firsthand.
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10-year Retrospective

Experience the sights and sounds of the National Book Festival from its first year through its evolution into the nation’s premiere literary event.
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Photo highlights from last year's Book Festival.

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