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The SACO Program welcomes all interested parties to subscribe to the SACO listserv. This listserv was established first and foremost to facilitate communication with SACO contributors throughout the world. The Summaries of the Weekly Subject Editorial Review Meeting are posted to enable SACO contributors to keep abreast of changes and know if proposed headings have been approved or not. The listserv may also be used as a vehicle to foster discussions on the construction, use, and application of subject headings. Questions posted may be answered by any list member and not necessarily by staff in the Cooperative Programs Section (Coop) or PSD. Furthermore, participants are encouraged to provide comments, share examples, experiences, etc.

How to Subscribe:

To subscribe to the listserv send a message to the SACO Program with the subject line: subscribe to sacolist, including your email address and name in the body of the message.

Subject: Subscribe SACOlist
e-mail address forename surname of person

A message will be sent acknowleding subscription with information on how to unsubscribe, how to access a list of archived files, as well has how to receive a digest of the list.