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The predominant training tools for the application of BIBCO Standard Record elements are the BIBCO Standard Record (BSR) Metadata Application Profiles (MAPs) (PDF, 705 KB).  The BSR MAP for RDA covers all types of materials. Multiple BSR MAPs serve different types of material using AACR2. 

About AACR2 and RDA as BIBCO Descriptive Cataloging Standards

The PCC has not defined a Day One for PCC RDA Bibliographic Records for monographs.  Current BIBCO members may continue to use AACR2 as a descriptive cataloging standard at present, and may migrate to RDA for descriptive cataloging for all or part of their BIBCO record contributions as they complete RDA training.  The PCC expects to support only one cataloging standard, RDA, in the future, and to provide training only in RDA for BIBCO members.   Learn more about PCC implementation plans on the RDA and PCC sections of the PCC Web site.

RDA Descriptive Cataloging Training for Current BIBCO Members

The PCC BIBCO RDA Online Training Plan (Word, 39 KB) outlines the plan for providing RDA descriptive cataloging training for current BIBCO members. The plan is based on the use of Library of Congress RDA training materials to provide training for catalogers making the transition from AACR2 descriptive cataloging to RDA descriptive cataloging.  The online FRBR and RDA Toolkit sessions and Modules 1-4 will serve as "bridge" training for active BIBCO institutions.  The PCC Secretariat will coordinate follow-up webinars and record review.

Find Free RDA resources on the CLW web site:

  • PCC RDA Training and Review for NACO Authorities—online videos, slides, demonstrations, and quizzes for self-paced learning
  • Library of Congress RDA Training plan and materials
  • Using the RDA Toolkit—LC’s document about the features of the RDA Toolkit
  • RDA Record Examples
  • RDA/FRBR Webcasts

BIBCO Standard Record Training Course Summary and Outline

In its present version, this course presents the BSR based on AACR2, with record templates arranged in MARC tag order, and has been taught in an instructor-led session of less than one day in length. Files for these materials (AACR2) are available from the BIBCO Coordinator. The course will be converted to an online course with an RDA focus.


Training Materials

List of BIBCO Trainers