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The two categories of BIBCO membership are Institution and Funnel. For a description of the levels and requirements of membership, see Joining the BIBCO Program.

Before filling out the application, interested applicants should contact the BIBCO Coordinator to discuss the process, benefits of membership, and appropriate membership level. Preliminary inquiries can be made by emailing

Institution applicant: please complete all sections of this application.

Funnel applicant: please fill in questions 6 through 14, and 17 "BIBCO contact" below. Additional information may be required after initial application review.

1. Name of institution:
2. Address:

3. MARC 21 identification code:
Provide MARC 21 codes and names of other campus libraries/units that will also contribute BIBCO records if different from above:
4. Utility symbol (if different from MARC id.)
5. Local system/vendor:
6. Type of membership (select one from the drop down menu):

Please provide the name of the funnel, if known

7. Estimated total number of bibliographic records to be contributed to BIBCO (Institution level membership requires minimum contribution of 100 records a year):
8. Please provide an estimate of type, formats, and languages to be contributed: % Full % Core % Monographs % Non-book formats
% English % CJK % Eastern European % Western European
%Other (please explain):

9. Which is the primary bibliographic utility to which contributions will be made available for use by PCC and other libraries:

Other (please explain):

10. Does your institution also load records to another utility: yes no
11. Does your institution have the capability to export and import MARC bibliographic records to or from the local system via FTP:
Export: yes no
Import: yes no
12. Number of catalogers to be trained:
13. Proposed dates of training by order of preferrence:

14. General comments on user community, collection strengths, particular area(s) of expertise, etc.

15. Library Director:
Mailing Address:

Tel.: Fax: e-mail:

16. Administrator (i.e., Head of Tech. Svcs., or Head of Cataloging)
Mailing Address:

Tel.: Fax: e-mail:

17. BIBCO contact (person responsible for day-to-day operation of BIBCO cataloging, funnel coordination, training, etc.)

Mailing Address:

Tel.: Fax: e-mail: